Personality… A word to describe a person’s appeal or lack of appeal – their image. A great personality implies a likable person, interesting, entertaining, someone you would enjoy being around. But when you break down the personality in a scientific manner, your able to tell a whole lot more about a person.  Scientists who study personality theories see the personality as a complex concept, describing a person’s thought pattern, identity, behavior and actions, along with many other facts. Over the years, the way of measuring personality has boiled down to personality tests. One of the more widely used tests, Myers-Brigg Type Indicator has helped in education, career counseling, organizational development and more.  Using the information from these types of tests, it is believed you can make the best college choice based on who you are. Determining your personality type can help focus your interests and facilitate your college choice. Find out more with a free personality assessment at 16 Personalities and  see what the best job would best match your personality type.